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Bella and Josh’s Pre-Wedding Shoot at The Pergola and Hills Gardens, Hampstead Heath.

Wedding photography is not just about capturing moments of the wedding day, but it also involves capturing moments before the big day. A pre-wedding shoot is an excellent opportunity for couples to connect with their photographer, get comfortable in front of the camera, and create stunning images to cherish for a lifetime.

Bella and Josh’s pre-wedding shoot at The Pergola and Hills Gardens, Hampstead Heath, was an experience that was nothing short of magical

Bella and Josh were fantastic to work with, providing excellent energy and enthusiasm throughout the shoot. As a photographer, I always strive to capture the couple's unique personalities and love story, and Bella and Josh's pre-wedding shoot was no exception.

The location provided the perfect backdrop for creating stunning images.

As a photographer, it was an honour to capture their love story and create memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.


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